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What is a roadbook

What is a roadbook and how does it work?

Most roadbooks are made according to the ball-arrow system.

That also applies to just about every 4×4 roadbook that you can buy on our website. Reading such a roadbook is much easier than it seems. We will explain it.

Roadbook ball-arrow: how does that work?

A roadbook describes the entire route based on situational notes of all important points (intersections, special obstacles, dangerous situations…). We call such a point a note.

At each note you get a sketch of the situation. The following rules apply to the ball-arrow principle

You always come from the bottom the ball. This is often indicated by a ball, but not always.
The arrow indicates the direction you need to go.
The note is further supplemented with factual information such as.

The coordinates are indicated every 5 notes. (This is in case you accidentally drive the wrong way or there is a closure.) You can make a D-tour by means of the coordinates, you can enter these coordinates in your GPS or Google maps, for example, so that you can follow the route further or back and pick up the route again.
If you buy a road book from us, you will receive tips for useful apps to drive the road book.

Distance to the next note.
Total distance
Any additional explanation

How to read a roadbook?
The image below illustrates the principle.
What else do you need to know about how a 4×4 roadbook works?

If an intersection is not included in the roadbook, you must continue to follow the main road.
A great deal of care is devoted to each roadbook. But roads, traffic signs and municipal regulations change quickly.
Sometimes events can also make roads -temporarily- inaccessible.
That is why there are the GPS coordinates every 5 notes. This way you can easily rejoin the route in the event of interruptions or changes.

Always respect the traffic rules. The publisher cannot be held liable in any way. For nothing (fines, accidents, damage to vehicle, ...).

Finally: driving 4×4 is fun. It isn't a race. Respect nature, local residents and other road users.
What kind of roadbook

What kind of roadbook types do we have.

Paper roadbook

Paper roadbook

We can offer you the well-known old-fashioned paper roadbook in a PDF file in A4 or A5 format so that you can print it yourself. Or in an A4 book. 
RB papier.jpg


What is a Digi-Roadbook?

The name says it all, it is a digital roadbook (ball - arrow). You drive this roadbook with the help of a free app on your smart-phone or tablet instead of the old familiar paper roadbook, everything is automatic and therefore ideal if you are alone in your 4x4 and the co-pilot have more time to enjoy the nice views around where you're driving. You will receive a manual and a nice roadbook. 
digi roadbook.jpg

Guided Roadbooks

You can choose from semi-guided roadbook. This means that we as organization are present at the start, at the break in the field with a nice lunch and we are present at the end point of the relevant roadbook.

Or you can also choose for a fully guided roadbook. As organization we are present full-time, in consultation the organization can drive at the front or at the back. We also provide a tasty lunch in the field with this option.

Of course we are present in both options to provide assistance where necessary.
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