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Code of Conduct

Only drive where permitted.

Only use existing routes. It is important to orient yourself in advance (via maps and/or information) on routes where (4×4) driving is permitted and possible. Do not deviate from existing routes and certainly do not create your own routes by departing from the existing routes. Your tracks will be followed by others, causing unnecessary damage to nature or property of landowners.

Respect nature and the environment.

Be extra careful and pay extra attention to game with youngsters. Prevent damage to young growth (trees and plants). Watch out for fire hazard. Do not leave any dirt or waste in nature. Make sure your car is free of oil and grease residues. When making repairs in the field, make sure that the surface is liquid-tight.

Respect the rights of landowners.

Do not open gates, etc., which are apparently intended to keep out passers-by.

Respect the traffic rules, road signs and other road users
It is precisely by not following the basic traffic rules that irritations of other road users often arise.

Do not cause nuisance.

Please respect cyclists, hikers, horse riders, farmers and residents of the region you are passing through. Where necessary, give these people extra space or reduce your speed. Adjust your speed, avoid unnecessary clouds of dust or splashing water and/or mud. Do not cause nuisance (e.g. noise nuisance) to others. A friendly greeting as you pass goes a long way.

We believe that if we measure our actions use against the following 3 criteria, then we can all help to change people’s perceptions of trail riders for the better:
1. Respect for the tracks.
2. Respect for the communities we travel through.
3. Respect for the environment.
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