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We are driving off-road since 2000 through the whole of Europe and did this with several 4x4 cars. The latest is a Landrover Defender 110 HCPU.
We explored a lot of places and saw a lot of beautiful sceneries all over Europe, so we want to share these experiences and our roadbooks with you. 

How does it work?

You become a member of Roadbooks Experience and pay an amount of €75,00 for a whole year. For this membership you can get 5 roadbooks (of the destination you want) each year. If you want more roadbooks in a year or just a view roadbooks? Then you have to do a payment of €25,00 per roadbook. Also the keypart is that we all share these roadbooks, so if something is not correct in our roadbooks, the idea is that you make a note or make a new gps-track of the d-tour (only with permanent closures) and send it to us, so that we can complete the roadbook again. In the roadbooks are every x-number of notes represent the coordinates, in case you really can't figure it out

The Roadbooks.

All our roadbooks are legal to drive. It is always possible that there are changes on the route. For example a closure. Unfortunately we can't be everywhere at once to adjust this. There are regular updates of our roadbooks, if you are a member you will be informed of every update. Maybe there are temporary closures due to, for example: fire hazard, landslides or too much snow. Because we have also driven with a motorcycle in the past, it is possible that there are some parts of single track in the roadbook. Please make a D-tour and send us a note or the gps file you made. 
Comply with local legislation and posted signage at all times.
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